Moving to Cloud

Yesterday i watched Webinar “Upgrading production systems – the Cloud makes it easy!” on, actually that was my Firsf Live Webinar, where people from RightScale were talking about “Cloud deployment” and, of course, RightScale app along with Zend Cluster Manager.

Simple video tutorial how to updateswitch server software.. and Clone a CloudStack with 1 click.
Well, it really IS simple,.. but i hoped to get something more advanced,.. like writing a Chef-Script to update currently deployed apps,.. but no.

the Best part was Q+A 🙂 I managed to get through to the first question.

q: do all “cloud setups” require 1+LoadBalancer, 1+AppServer, 1+DBServer for EACH Project? (’cause i’m thinking about 1 average AppServer (with 1+LB and 1+DB) and then Spawn Satellite servers with deployed OverLoaded Project, swithching all traffic there)

a: well, YES. 1 big Server is OldSchool,.. Cloud involves a different way of thinking..
aaand.. i switched to my thoughts.. leaving out most of the conversation 🙂 (when this webinar will be online i’ll add a link)

Yes, for 1 Drupal installation(deployment) you need 3 Servers (or even 5-6.. to double FailProof). It’s Cloud, bebe

Like a week ago i started reading comments(complaints) that Cloud Software is Really Buggy. like no one is able to tell you real numbers of how long will your instance work.. everyone mentions Hanged Instances,.. that Failed to Boot, that, even, Failed to Terminate. WTF??!!

Yes, call me old(-fashioned) but i sill believe in Hardware Servers. I do still deploy 20+ Zend 1 PHP Projects
on a Single Amazon ec2 m1.medium Instance(+1xRDS).. And you know what? It RUNS.. AVGCpu load hardly goes over 60%. With NO tuning.. and Apache2.. and an old Debian..

I dunno, might be we don’t have that much load.. might be we write our server side in a PROPER way.. thinking about benefits of certain technologies that are provided by Amazon. I dunno.

but Cloud is Mainstream,.. and, certainly, has some advantages,… alongside with DISadvantages.

. you pay for what you need
. you add/remove servers on an hourly(or less) basis
. pre-rolled setups like tuned MySQL Servers, Trusted Email Servers, CDN

. it is fucking SLOW(-er than HW)
. it’s a Cloud… it Rains!
. it is Pricey
. no one gives a damn,.. that you need something special.. for FREE 🙂

So, to sum things UP:

I DO like Cloud.. I DON’T like spending money 🙂 I Want Things written by Soviet People (nginx, php_blitz, sphinx, 3proxy…).

But, probably, i will need to change my “Way of Thinking” to a CloudBased.. with all those 3+ Servers for a simple HelloWorld.. I guess i need to Evolve.

That is why I installed SCALR on OUR new PuppetMaster…. and it is also Semi-Soviet 😉 and OpenSource,.. and i have a Draft of a Installation tutorial 😉 (just wait until we test some things..)..

Anyway, Write Something Beautiful,.. Run it.. Sell it To Others.. Business, beatch!