Unable to resize ec2 ebs root volume

I have followed many of the tutorials that pretty much all say the same thing which is basically:

1. Stop the instance
2. Detach the volume
3. Create a snapshot of the volume
4. Create a bigger volume from the snapshot
5. Attach the new volume to the instance
6. Start the instance back up
7. Run resize2fs /dev/xxx

However, step 7 is where the problems start happening. In any case running resize2fs always tells me that it is already xxxxx blocks big and does nothing, even with -f passed. So I start to continue with tutorials which all basically say the same thing and that is:

1. Delete all partitons
2. Recreate them back to what they were except with the bigger sizes
3. Reboot the instance and run resize2fs

But, I’ve found WHY this happens.
At first I Used one of the images from RightScale,.. and THAT had a problem.

Due to the two additional partitions present. Therefore we have to re-build the partition table. or use a Different Image, in my case from Tom