Unable to resize ec2 ebs root volume

I have followed many of the tutorials that pretty much all say the same thing which is basically:

1. Stop the instance
2. Detach the volume
3. Create a snapshot of the volume
4. Create a bigger volume from the snapshot
5. Attach the new volume to the instance
6. Start the instance back up
7. Run resize2fs /dev/xxx

However, step 7 is where the problems start happening. Read more

git clone with submodules

With version 1.6.5 of Git and later, you can use:

git clone --recursive git://github.com/foo/bar.git
cd bar

For older Git versions, just use:

git clone git://github.com/foo/bar.git
cd bar
git submodule update --init

Custom HTTP headers : naming convention

The normal approach is was to start their name with “X-“. E.g. X-Forwarded-For, X-Requested-With. This is also mentioned in section 5 of RFC 2047.

Update: On June 2011, the first IETF draft was posted to deprecate the use of the “X-” prefix for non-standard headers. The reason is that when non-standard headers prefixed with “X-” become standard, removing the “X-” prefix breaks backwards compatibility, forcing application protocols to support both names (E.g, x-gzip & gzip are now equivalent). So, the recommendation is to just name them sensibly without the “X-” prefix.

Update 2: On June 2012, the deprecation of “X-” prefix has become official as RFC 6648.


MySQL: utf8_unicode_ci vs utf8_general_ci

utf8_general_ci is a very simple collation. What it does – it just
– removes all accents
– then converts to upper case
and uses the code of this sort of “base letter” result letter to compare.
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Moving to Cloud

Yesterday i watched Webinar “Upgrading production systems – the Cloud makes it easy!” on Zend.com, actually that was my Firsf Live Webinar, where people from RightScale were talking about “Cloud deployment” and, of course, RightScale app along with Zend Cluster Manager.
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