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mongoCloud state of thoughts

we use mongoCloud(previously MMS) in production for half a year now.
tried both Modulus and Compose meanwhile – no good for our needs.. and alot less flexibility.

some info:
~ monitoring and backup agents can be set up on a separate instance.. no need to install them on all the hosts.
+ there is a nice “scoring” system that notifies you via email how secure your mongo deployments are
– I am messing with arbiters now… short tip – don’t use them for now, as they can not be promoted to secondaries. just 1pri and 2sec
– you can not “easily” control ports that mongoCloud will use when deploying new hosts (just breaks my own naming convention :/ )

also.. use ReplicaSets.. always.. even with 1 host – this will save you some time when/if you’ll decide to add a couple more hosts to a cluster

and as a separate question: I am wondering will Meteor-MognoDB-Client auto-discover new(added/modified) MongoDB hosts without changing MONGO_URL(i.e. adding mongohost4:27002)?

Unable to resize ec2 ebs root volume

I have followed many of the tutorials that pretty much all say the same thing which is basically:

1. Stop the instance
2. Detach the volume
3. Create a snapshot of the volume
4. Create a bigger volume from the snapshot
5. Attach the new volume to the instance
6. Start the instance back up
7. Run resize2fs /dev/xxx

However, step 7 is where the problems start happening. Read more